Braille Batteries Enter American Le Mans Racing Series

If you really want to see the future of everyday transportation, you have to look no farther than the racing series happening right around the corner. As much for entertainment and competition as it is a testbed for new technology, the highly competitive nature of racing forces engineers and manufacturers to put their best foot forward if they hope to stand out (and beat!) the rest of the crowd.

The American Le Mans Series is one of my favorite racing series and the season starts up in just a few days. Just in time to compete for the 2010 season, Braille Batteries has announced a partnership with Primetime Race Group to tackle the newly-formed Le Mans Prototype Challange.

Batteries are dirty and sometimes, even explosive (trust me, I know). We’ve been using the same lead-acid batteries for decades, and even though they can be recycled, they are dirty and potentially dangerous, especially when they leak. Braille offers a line of sealed, GreenStart batteries that use recycled materials. These batteries can be found not just in the Primetime car, but under the hood of the Corvette Racing Team and the Nissan Altima “Hot Rod Hybrid” that competes in another racing series, the Redline Time Attack Series. Racers have a vested interest in fuel economy too, as the fewer pit stops they make to refuel, the more racing they can do.

While this might not be the most cutting-edge green improvement to racing, it is another small, important step towards the ALMS goal of being a “Global Leader in Green Racing”. Other initiatives include the Michelin Green X Challange that every race awards one team from reach racing class that has the best fuel efficiency and performances with the least environmental impact. Teams can choose to run one of four fuels; cellulosic E85, E10, sulfur-free diesel, or run a gas-electric hybrid. The ALMS has even pledged to plant 5,000 trees in 2010 to support the American Forest’s goal of planting 100,000 trees by 2020 for its Global ReLeaf program.

See? Through all the noise and speed and victory laps, racing can be greener. The 12 Hours of Sebring runs March 17th-20th, so make sure you tune in and enjoy some low guilt green racing.

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Source: Braille Batteries | American Le Mans Series | Primetime Race Group

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