Porsche Says They Will Build the 918 Spyder Eco Supercar

After its surprise introduction at the Geneva Auto Show last week one thing is clear: the Porsche 918 Spyder supercar has struck a resounding nerve in the automotive community. You see, true car nuts, no matter how green they aspire to be, are always drawn to fast, sexy cars. And if there’s one thing the world of car nuts felt like it might be losing in this profound shift to green transportation, it was sexy speed.

All of the exotic/extreme luxury/supercar makers around the world have been struggling to figure out how to remain relevant as we witness the most significant shift in personal mobility since the advent of the automobile over a hundred years ago. And now we’ve seen a slew of what appear to be that segment’s answer to the question. Ferrari’s HY-KERS 599 hybrid, Capstone Turbine’s CMT-380, and what appear to be plans for a Rolls Royce electric car are all part of the solution.

But none of them is as sexy, fast, and ultra-green as the 918 Spyder. Somehow Porsche figured out the exact combination of ingredients to win the hearts and minds of car nuts around the world. And now they say they have committed to building the car — as long as it can make money. But, somehow, I don’t think that would be a problem… even if it cost $250K.

As quoted in an Autocar report, Michael Macht, Porsche’s head honcho said, “There is no one inside Porsche who doesn’t want to build the 918. The response has been marvellous; we will ask buyers to sign letters of intent. The 918 Spyder provides the answer to whether there can be high-performance cars in the future. Many have said they are finished. This car shows they are not.”

The most amazing part of this story is that Porsche brought the 918 Spyder from imagination to showcar in under 5 months. With a timeframe like that, it clearly shows that all who worked on the project were truly inspired to create something so perfect.

Autocar suggests that the 918 could go on sale within 5 years. Hmmm… so all I need to do to own a piece of that inspiration is save about $4,000 dollars a month. No problem. Who wants the kids to go to college, or to save for retirement, or to live in a house with walls and a roof? In my 918 fantasy, none of that matters.

Source: Autocar

Nick Chambers

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