Nationwide Homebuilder Adds Electric Car Prewiring as Option

KB Home, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S., has announced that they will be providing the option to homebuyers to pre-wire their new construction homes so that they are ready for the high voltage, high amperage electrical lines required to charge electric cars quickly and properly.

The company views this new option as an extension of their already existing “My Home. My Earth.” campaign to make their homes more energy efficient and load them with features and equipment that both save money and have a lowered environmental impact.

While it’s certainly no complicated feat to add a pre-wired electric car charging circuit into a home (what, 240V/80A as recommended by SAE?), it does mark a major shift in the marketing strategies of homebuilders throughout this country. As we enter what is sure to be period of time we will all look back at as the most important evolution of personal mobility since the invention of the automobile, people who are planning ahead will be smart to include such circuits in their homes from the beginning.

“It is critical for the mass adoption of electric vehicles to have companies like KB Home leading the industry by offering this pre-wire option, as the majority of electric vehicle charging will be done at home overnight,” said Matt Mattila, Project Manager for the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Project Get Ready, in a statement. “Not only is it convenient, but when managed correctly, charging overnight, at home, will put less strain on the grid than opportunity day-time charging at public charging stations.”

Source: KB Home

Image Credit: Nissan

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