AT&T Will Buy the First Ford Transit Connect Electric Vans

Fresh off its official unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show a couple weeks ago, Azure Dynamics, Ford and AT&T have just announced that AT&T will be the first company to own some Ford Transit Connect Electric commercial fleet vans. With an order of just 2, it certainly is a small start, but the list will surely grow from here.

I got a chance to drive around in the Transit Connect Electric in Chicago, and it certainly highlighted how well the vehicle should fit in with commercial fleets throughout the US. The arrangement between Ford and Azure Dynamics is an interesting one, with Azure essentially buying the empty car bodies from Ford and installing all the electric drive components themselves. Azure will be the company actually selling the vehicles and making money off them (hopefully), as well as doing any warranty work.

Even though AT&T has signed up for two of them, there’s still no word on official pricing yet.

Check out the full press release on the next page.

Source: Azure Dynamics

Nick Chambers

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