Hybrid Subaru Impreza On The Horizon?

I remember when Subaru first introduced the WRX version of their Impreza sedan. I vowed to one day own one.

Alas, to this day I’ve yet to get my hands on one, but that vow remains. There have been murmurs of an impending Subaru hybrid vehicle for about a year now, although the company is certainly tiptoeing into the electric/hybrid car race. The first guess was the larger Legacy sedan, but Road & Track seems to think the the Impreza might be chosen instead.

Dare I hope for a hybrid WRX?

Subaru has a reputation for being a reliable, eco-conscious company. For example their Lafayette, Indiana plant recycles over 99% of the waste material it puts out. But they’ve been surprisingly mum on the subject of future hybrid vehicles. I just keep hearing one date over and over again; 2012. And right now, that seems a long way away, especially when so many of their competitors have game-changing vehicle launches happening in the next year. The Leaf, the Volt, the electric Transit Connect; all of these are coming within the next year.

Subaru did display the gull-wing Tourer concept (pictured above), and they also sell an electric city car in Japan. So they have a few things going on (including Toyota’s 15% share in their parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries) but what comes next is anybody’s guess. I’m pulling for a hybrid WRX.

If that is the case, the wait will be worth it. Road & Track reports that Subaru is considering the new Impreza platform for a hybrid vehicle, it seems to me they would have to offer a hybrid WRX. The gas mileage for the standard Impreza isn’t exactly impressive, and only an automatic-equipped Legacy even breaks 30 mpg (31 to be exact). A standard 2010 WRX has a 265 horsepower flat-four Boxer engine… imagine adding a 50 horsepower electric motor to the all-wheel drive system?

Sounds like my kind of hybrid!

Source: Road & Track | Image: Subaru

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