2010 Zero Motorcycles Models Add Options, Colors, and Power

We all want more choices, right?

Zero Motorcycles, maker of electric motorcycles, has heard the call and for 2010 they are giving customers more options to play with. They have also made improvements to acceleration, power, and their battery technology. It’s a good thing too, because competition in the electric motorcycle market is already starting to heat up.

The first batch of Zero Motorcyles had to be delayed and fixed last year when an overheating problem was discovered with the motor. To counteract that problem a new motor is used for 2010, as well as a “Z-Force Air Induction System.” Sounds like something from Voltron if you ask me, but the system allows for better air flow through the electric motor, which also results in more power. To handle the extra power Zero has added a new throttle with “exacting control,” and better battery cell management.

The result of these upgrades, according to Zero, is more power, better handling, and longer battery life. The press release (on the next page) goes on to say the Zero S street-legal model has a range of 50 miles and a top speed of 67 mph.

In the looks department, Zero has added more color and seat options to its lineup. In addition to the Zero white outfit all bikes wear, there are now color graphics packages, you know, to stand out from all the other electric motorcycles out there right now. There are also more comfortable seat options from Corbin. Zero offers four models of electric bikes right now, each with a cost of around $8,000 after a 10% federal tax credit (states might have their own tax credits, depending on where you live). There is the street-cruiser Zero S, the on/off road Zero DS, the trickster Zero MX (seen in the video above, really good trick at the end), and the lightweight Zero X. Sounds like Zero is stepping it up a notch, and we’re already wondering what next year will bring.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

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