Offering 10 Winners A Chance To Test Drive The Volt

This November the first production Chevy Volts will begin rolling off production lines. As I’ve already noted, a lot is riding on the Volt’s success or failure. In many ways, it is a measuring stick for GM’s commitment to hybrid and electric cars in the future. While GM has made a few missteps prior to launch, they’ve done a great job of getting the word out there about the Volt.

In a bid to give a few lucky winners a chance behind the wheel of the Volt, GM has teamed up with to offer ten lucky winners a chance to test drive a pre-production model next month, right before the New York Auto Show.

The contest asks would-be contestants to either make a two-minute video, or write 400 words about “Why I Want A Chevy Volt”. Ten winners will be selected from the first 100 submissions, and they will be given up to $500 to cover travel expenses to New York City at the end of the month. There, they will get the chance to drive a pre-production Volt around a 1/2 mile test track as well as a chance to meet with executives.

It is a pretty neat contest, and a good way to spread the word. Entries will be judged based on “creativity, passion, quality and entertainment value.” It also helps if you happen to be an active member of

Knowing the internet, there have already been a number of submissions, so don’t waste any time entering. And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell US why you do or, or don’t, want a Chevy Volt. Just for kicks.

Source: GM-Volt | Image: GM

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