Avis Europe To Add Electric Cars From Renault To Rental Fleet

Truth be told, I’ve never had a rental car experience. But for frequent flyers, tourists, and those who just don’t own cars, rental cars offer a bit of personal mobility for a price. Avis is one of the largest rental car companies in the world with operations in North and South America, Australia, and many other places. It has also licensed the Avis name to Avis Europe, which recently announced it would be partnering with Renault to provide its rental car customers with electric vehicle options. Will this transition eventually come our way?

Renault has plans to introduce four electric cars in the next few years. Two will be built on existing platforms, the Fluence Z.E. sedan (pictured above) which launches in Israel in early 2011, and Kangoo Express Z.E. light commercial use van. Renault then plans two from-the-ground-up electric cars, one based on the less-practical 1+1 Twizy Z.E. concept (below), and another based on the ZOE Z.E. concept. While the Kangoo fleet van isn’t likely to end up in the Avis rental fleet, the other three cars will probably find a home there.

Here in America, electric car rentals are available, but only locally. For example, Conch Electric Car Rentals rents glorified electric golf karts for seeing Key West. Hertz offers hybrids, as do certain Enterprise locations. But renting electric cars might make a lot of sense once the cars themselves mature. For one, less maintenance. Having a single base of operations is nice too, as chargers can be located on-site. And while you can now lease a Tesla Roadster for $1,658 a month, maybe you’ll soon have the option of renting one too?

Source: Green Car Congress

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