Five Axis Design Releases Info On New Prius Bodykit

Back in November, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association held its annual show where all sorts of companies put on displaying their new products. These ranged from simple fuel additives and in-car audio equipment to entire built-from-the-ground-up cars. But while there was a heavy emphasis on power and style, a few hybrids managed to sneak in and make waves.

Among them was the Toyota Aerius kit, by Five Axis Designs. Five Axis teamed up with Toyota to produce the kit, and they are now offering a modified version for public purchase, giving some aggressive styling to the Prius while maintaining its low drag coefficient.

We’ve seen a few bodykits for the Prius before, most notably the atrocious four-tailpipes of the Tommy Kaira bodykit. The Five Axis Design kit seems more indicative of what the Prius is made to do; save fuel. “The Hybrid market remains a blank canvas for styling enhancements, here in the US,” says Troy Sumitomo, President of Five Axis Design.

Indeed, hybrids are quite popular for customization in Japan, and regularly make auto show appearances. This past January, Toyota even introduced a custom Prius of its own, called the G Sports Concept. Aside from a body kit, it also got a sports-tuned suspension and racing seats. But you don’t see that too much here in the U.S.

The Five Axis Design is mostly cosmetic, but with an emphasis on maintaining a low drag coefficient while providing some styling enhancements for the hybrid. The four-piece body kit is made from Urethane, and gives the Prius a .25 drag coefficient, the same as a standard 2010 Prius. The Five Axis kit also includes Tein lowering springs and custom 17″ wheels wrapped in Yokohama high-performance rubber. The standard kit costs $2,740, though there are options for larger 18″ wheels, a leather interior, custom amp and subwoofer enclosure, and 3M Crystalline window film designed to reject heat and keep the car’s interior cool.

The Five Axis Design, which is now available for order, can be had as a kit or purchased through a participating dealership as a complete car. Check out the press release after the jump.

Source: Five Axis Design

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