Trexa’s EV Skateboard/Car Pricing Announced


Last month we came across the Trexa, an old idea with some new life breathed into it. The old idea was to use a self-contained “skateboard” as a vehicle chassis which included all the components necessary for propulsion. The skateboard could then use interchangeable bodies, or customers could design their own. It takes the idea of car ownership to a whole new level.

But what about the price? Surely something so savvy, eco-friendly, and customizable would cost a pretty penny. Well Trexa seems to be bucking conventions, because the whole self-contained skateboard can supposedly be had for $15,999.

This is not a complete, sit-behind-the-wheel-and-turn-the-key car. Just the platform. But for the price, you get a whole lot out of this little platform. The two-wheel drive platform includes an electric motor, 7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, battery charger and management system, and everything you need to design your own body, or “app” as Trexa calls it. A CAD program and some pieces of hardware help you design your quad or very tiny car with a wheelbase of 96 inches (the same as the Ford Ka). So you can come up with your own car… though I’m not quite sure how Federal safety regulations will apply.

There is also the deluxe, twin-motor, four-wheel drive Trexa platform. This one comes with a 28 kWh battery pack (for comparison’s sake, the Nissan Leaf has a 24 kWh battery pack) as well as a faster charger. AutoBlogGreen places the price of that platform around $32,000, but you still have to build your own body.

While the Trexa isn’t likely to overrun our highways anytime soon, finally having access to a skateboard/car platform is huge. We’ve heard about these things for over a decade, but to have one so close as to put a price on it? Imagine one day being able to swap your vehicle from passenger sedan to pickup truck without having to own two separate vehicles? I see the Trexa finding a home at golf courses and events at first, as it really is too small to be practical for most people. But even a thousand mile journey starts with the first step, and this is one big step towards the future.

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