Trexa’s EV Skateboard/Car Pricing Announced


TREXA Reveals Pricing For Its Game-Changing EV Development Platform


Los Angeles, CA – TREXA®, the manufacturer of the world’s first open-source EV development platform, today announced that once in production, the anticipated base price of the TREXA scalable lithium-drive platform will be $15,999. The company expects to release options pricing later this year.

First unveiled on January 19th , 2010, the game-changing TREXA quickly generated an extraordinary response from the international media and yielded development proposals from specialty vehicle manufacturers from around the globe. The headlines and tweets read like this: “Almost Genius: A Development Platform for Creating Your Own Electric Car,” -Fast Company, “Trexa platform lets you develop your own damn electric vehicle,” -Autoblog Green, and “Trexa EV development platform is modular, extremely customizable” -Engadget.

News of TREXA appeared to travel at the speed of light, as people everywhere stopped in their tracks to marvel at the simple genius before them – a steamlined, but rugged vehicle platform that enables companies and individuals to intuitively design custom electric vehicles, called “apps,” without the cost and complexities involved in developing advanced energy storage and propulsion systems.

Less than a week later, TREXA had gone from the company’s headquarters in California into the hearts and minds of inspired visionaries the world over. Intense discussions, comments, and questions could be found on just about every blog that covered the news.

TREXA identified a single question that resonated the loudest among those engaged in the conversation: How much will the TREXA cost? Recognizing that cost is the single largest barrier to mainstream production and adoption of electric drive, TREXA’s CEO, Seth Seaberg, offered the following statement.

“The only way to reduce cost of electric drive technology is through competition and innovation. If we are to make a real difference, there must be a groundswell of hundreds, even thousands of new companies competing to develop the clean transportation solutions of tomorrow. We believe that it’s time we put the automotive industry back into the hands of the people, by offering them a cost-effective, well-supported vehicle platform to design and build for.”

About TREXA TREXA is a revolutionary electric drive system that is transforming the automotive industry by enabling specialty vehicle developers to design and build custom ‘vehicle apps’ specifically for the TREXA lithium-drive platform. For more information visit us at www.trexa.comfacebooktwitter

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