GM Planning Rear-Wheel Drive Hybrids


General Motors is gaining traction these days. Their new and upcoming lineup of cars looks strong, they’ve shed a lot of dead weight, and they still have lots of low-interest loans backed by the gov’ment. Plus, with its number one competitor, Toyota, recalling millions of cars, GM looks even better.

Looking into the future a few years, there is even more to look forward from the General. Chief among them; a rear-wheel drive Cadillac hybrid that will supposedly share the same platform as the next-generation Camaro.

GM has already announced that it plans on building its electric motors in-house, and taking its two-mode hybrid system from trucks and implanting it into cars. They showed off the XTS hybrid concept at the Detroit Auto Show as well, and that car is due out sometime in the next year or two.

Rear-wheel drive may not make sense for a lot of people. That’s just fine. For those of us with a more performance-tuned mind, rear-wheel drive equates to fun. Fun is exactly what hybrid cars are lacking right now. The new Cadillac will be dubbed the ATS and is slated to fight the BMW 3-series cars. Making their first hybrid a Cadillac will help with sales, since hybrid buyers are used to paying a premium anyway. It also means they can actually make money off of them.

The other half of this news that gets me all giddy is that Motor Trend recently reported that the Camaro will downsize and likely move to the Alpha platform, the same one being used by the Cadillac ATS. Now I want to be very clear here; I think the Camaro, and all muscle cars for that matter, should always have a V8 engine as an option. Nothing can compare to the deep, guttural growl of a well-tuned V8 engine.

But, that doesn’t mean I’d be opposed to a V8 hybrid. Just because I want to go fast, doesn’t mean I want to spend all my money on gas. A Camaro hybrid is looking more and more like a possibility. Hey GM, at least give us the option!

Source: Motor Authority | Motor Trend | Image: GM

Christopher DeMorro

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