First Ever Andros Electric Trophy Race Series Has A Winner!


Electric cars and the cold generally do not go well together because of the whole depleted range thing. That is, unless, you’re racing.

This past December the Andros Electric Trophy racing series began. Featuring eight AC 03 Evo2 electric cars built specifically for this series, the race challenged drivers to take their electric rides around seven different icy, snowy courses. The winner was Nicolas Prost, son of four-time F1 champion Alain Prost. No surprise there!

This is one of the coolest racing series I never heard of. All the vehicles are built to the same specs, featuring a 90 kw (122 horsepower) single electric engine. The cars (we’ll call them Evo2 for short) have enough electric juice in them to run full-tilt in less than ideal conditions competing on courses in the Swiss Alps and across Europe.

Prost managed to stay at the front of the pack throughout the seven-race season and finished with 250 points. That was 23 points more than his nearest competitor.

Surprisingly, the Evo2 managed to round the track just a few seconds behind their petrol-powered counterparts. And maybe it is just me, but these Evo2s look pretty awesome for electric cars. If you take the time to watch the video, you’ll see just how tight the competition was, and how close these guys come to wiping out on every turn. It may not be the fastest race in the world, but it still looks like a blast.

Somebody needs to do this here in America. ASAP.

Source: AutoblogGreen | Trophee Andros

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