Chicago Gets First Wind-Powered EV Charging Station


Last summer Chicago upped the ante on next generation EV charging stations with the nation’s first solar powered one, and now they’ve done it again, but this time with wind. For a town known as the windy city, it only seems to make sense, but how they decided to go after solar before wind is beyond me.

The players this time around are the same as the ones who made the solar deal go through: Coulomb Technologies has again supplied the charging equipment through their Midwest distributor Carbon Day Automotive. The station is located in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park and the wind power comes from a law firm that has partnered with MC Squared Energy Services to get all of their energy from wind.

Hal Emalfarb, one of the partners at the law firm who also drives a plug-in Prius conversion, said “By integrating renewable energy, in this case, the prairie winds of Illinois, to power our office and our cars, we have seamlessly accomplished the goal of a cleaner grid that leads to a reduction of greenhouse gases.”

Good on the windy city for taking the bull by the horns—or the wind tower by the blades, in this case.

Source: Green Car Advisor | Image Credit: Coulomb Technologies


Nick Chambers

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