Bad Press May be Good For Toyota Prius Sales


According to’s Green Car Advisor blog, ever since the news about potential Prius braking problems broke in the mainstream media, shopper interest in the Prius on has risen significantly. “Both consideration and purchase intent for the Prius have risen about 10 percent among car shoppers doing research on since the Prius brake story became news earlier this week,” said John O’Dell in a post on Green Car Advisor.’s CEO, Jeremy Anwyl, speculated that the increased interest is due to bargain hunters hoping to cash in on an opportunity for a better price due to incentives or “distress sales.”

Whether or not this “increased interest” actually leads to increased sales of the Prius remains to be seen. As Anwyl points out, “We saw the same reaction from consumers when Chrysler and General Motors declared bankruptcy.” So far that increased interest hasn’t resulted in any increased sales for those two companies. But with Toyota, it’s a bit of a different story. Hundreds of thousands of people still trust in Toyota’s overall quality and wouldn’t bat an eye at a chance to scoop up a deal on a Prius.

What do you think, are any of you looking to cash in on Toyota’s current bad press?

Source: Green Car Advisor | Image Credit: Toyota

Nick Chambers

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