AIRCRUISE: A Zero Emissions Luxury Airship


I love blimps and zeppelins. Besides my fascination with steampunk and my hatred of airplanes, there is something just inherently cool about airships. I’ve never gotten a chance to ride on one, but I would jump at such a chance.

Maybe, just maybe, one day I will. And if this AIRCRUISE zero emissions airship ever gets off the ground and past the pretty-picture design stage, it is definitely the airship I would want a ride on.

Nothing more than a creative concept right now, the AIRCRUISE was designed by Korean-based Samsung Construction and Design. The idea is to create a zero emissions airship with lots of luxury in place of a hurried, cramped flight that has become the norm for air travel these days. I cannot emphasize how much I hate flying. It isn’t that I’m afraid of flying… but I’ve got wide shoulders. I don’t fit comfortably into the seats, and I rather dislike the idea of shelling out hundreds of dollars extra just to have a comfortable seat.

The AIRCRUISE does away with such nonsense. Rather than an expedited flight, the AIRCRUISE will take its time getting to its destination; think of it sort of like an airborne cruise liner. The inside would resemble something like a hotel, with multiple levels and attractions during the extended flight. A cruise between London and New York would take about 37 hours, while LA to Hong Kong would take about four days. Which is fine by me; what is the big rush these days anyway?

Power for the AIRCRUISE would come from solar cells and hydrogen fuel cells and it would be held aloft by four hydrogen-filled air bags. Each bag is capable of self-sealing in case of rupture, though how this airship would hold up in detrimental weather could be a deal breaker. With a top speed of just 90 mph, it would be huge, ponderous, and luxurious. I really hope it works.

Samsung hopes to bring the AIRCRUISE to life sometime around 2015. I won’t hold my breath… but I will cross my fingers.

Source:  The Design Blog | Images: Seymourpowell

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