Tesla Plans Two “Spin Offs” From Model S Sedan


Tesla has been making a lot of news lately. First, the spunky electric car maker announced the completion of its 1,000th Roadster. Then they filed papers taking the first steps in an Initial Public Offering to make anyone with the money a part-owner in Tesla. Buried in that paperwork though, it was revealed that Tesla would be ceasing production of its Roadster next year.

That means a lot of hopes are pinned to the Model S, a $50,000 sedan which won’t debut until 2012. But word on the street is that Tesla plans to spin off at least two other models from the S sedan, including a coupe and a crossover. But will it be enough?

Tesla is hoping that the more moderately priced Model S will appeal to a wider consumer base. At $110,000 the Tesla Roadster isn’t cheap, and fits just two people. CEO Elon Musk is putting BMW square in his sights, hoping to steal away some 3-series customers with an all-electric sedan and coupe. Tesla eventually hopes to reach an annual volume of 200,000 cars, which would allow it to rival some of the bigger auto makers on the block. Tesla also plans to build the Model S sedan on its own, rather than relying on an outside supplier to make their bodies (in the case of the Roadster they relied upon Lotus).

Moving down market will be a huge boon for Tesla as well, and a $30,000 all-electric coupe or sedan could allow it to compete for customers with the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt. Still, Tesla will not have any cars to sell in 2011, so that IPO better go a long way during 12 months of no sales. A lot is hinging on the success of the Model S. But Tesla has already overcome plenty of troubles, so what is another bump in the road?

Source: AutoCar | Image: Tesla

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