BMW to Build Vision EfficientDynamics Concept


When BMW unveiled its awkwardly-named Vision EfficientDynamics concept car, audiences were enthralled. The plug-in hybrid combined sleek, futuristic styling with a lithium-ion battery stack and two electric motors to produce 356 horsepower and 590 ft-lbs of torque. That is a lot of power for a hybrid. But as cool as the concept was, few of us expected it would ever come to production.

But apparently enough positive press and remarkable response from the public has convinced BMW to actually build the Vision EfficientDynamics. It just needs a shorter, better name (BMW VED?).

Rarely do concept cars make it to production unscathed, and the VED is a little to wild to ever actually make it to roads the way it looks right now. Nevertheless, Inside Line is reporting that the basic sub-3,000 lb body and electric powertrain are all planned for limited production. By limited, BMW probably means less than 10,000 units annually. While the German automaker has a rich racing history, it has only ever produced one other “supercar”—the M1. The M1 was built for just three years, and just over 450 of these cars were ever made. Certainly its 270 horsepower engine hardly made it the fastest car around.

Still, the VED with its high power hybrid drivetrain could set a new benchmark for supercars. With a drag coefficient of just .22 the car slips through the air quite well, and achieves 0-62 mph in just under five seconds. But how far can it go on hybrid power? How much will it cost? Does it really matter? I for one am looking forward to a production VED, though we probably have a while to wait.

Source: Inside Line | Image: BMW

Christopher DeMorro

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