Nissan and Large Hotel Association to Install EV Charge Points in 18,000 Japanese Hotels


Over the last year, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has been aggressively seeking partners in their zero-emissions mobility quest—stitching together a veritable patchwork quilt of cooperators from a diverse variety of sectors. Now they can add one more feather in their cap in the form of a partnership with the All Japan Ryokan Association of hotels.

According to the press release, the partnership will not only seek to install charging stations in about 18,000 Japanese hotels, it will go further to promote such things as “eco” travel packages that include zero-emissions EV tours. The agreement also lays the groundwork to provide extended test drives to potential EV buyers as well as educate hotel guests on the “environmental performance” and “attractiveness” of EVs.

Certainly having a network of charge stations at places you are already planning on spending the night while on vacation makes a ton of sense. Given that Japan is so compact—with the largest island being only about 900 miles long from tip to tip—a network of 18,000 charge points would seem to more than satisfy the needs of a vacationer who was willing to take their time every now and then to recharge the cars’ battery. I mean really, that’s what vacationing is all about anyways, right? While you’re waiting for your car’s battery to recharge you could recharge your own as well.

Source: Nissan

Image Credit: Nick Chambers

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