Metalback Biodiesel Motorcycle Concept


We’ve talked a lot about electric motorcycles here at Gas 2.0. But what about biodiesel? Once the darling of many eco-modders, the fuel has largely fallen out of favor. But not with everyone.

Meet the Metalback motorcycle concept. Designed by Jordan Meadows, a man with plenty of street cred when it comes to vehicular design. The Metalback concept combines alternative fuels and recycled materials in a missle-shaped machine drawn straight from some science fiction dystopian future. And it just plain old looks cool.

This is purely a concept right now, so don’t go expecting to buy one of these anytime soon. But it does seem practical. The Metalback is powered by a V4 engine that runs on biodiesel, which many would argue is more practical than electric motorcycles currently are due to their range limit and high cost (though I doubt this machine would be very cheap either).

But besides running on biodiesel, the Metalback also uses recycled aluminum sans any paint for that polished-yet-unfinished look. The aluminum is treated with patina, which is to say, it has been exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. If you’ve ever encountered a bronze statue that has turned green, the same science is in effect. The patina is naturally occurring and protects the metal, aluminum in this case, from further corrosion. This eliminates chemical paints while giving the Metalback a very cool, unique look.

Jordan Meadows, who penned this concept, was the Design Manager at Mazda up until last year, and has served under Ford, Chrysler, and Jeep before as well. Someone needs to make this bike happen though, because it is too cool to ignore.

Source: Bikeexif | Image: Jordan Meadows Design

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