Toyota Officially Unveils Baby Prius Concept, Again Hints at Whole Prius Family


As hinted at for the last few months, Toyota has today debuted a smaller sibling to the Prius at the Detroit Auto Show. According to a statement from Toyota, the FT-CH (CH=compact hybrid) is “designed to target a lower price point than the Prius, thus appealing to a younger, less-affluent buyer demographic.”

Translation: “This car is for you, you poor recent college graduate… who, due to the econopocalypse, settled for a job making half of what you expected to… who would buy a Prius if your parents weren’t driving one and would lend you $23K.” Oh come on, you know you want one. The FT-CH is… dare I say it… cool.

Hell, I want one… but mostly because I’m a cheap skate. Actually, I’m still positive my next car will be a plug-in, but even so, I’m having just a little bit of FT-CH lust. I might honestly be having way more FT-CH lust if the simple act of even writing that horrendous name wasn’t enough to put ice in my loins.

Although it’s just a concept, Toyota is strongly suggesting that this car, in some form, will actually make it to the showroom floor in the next couple of years. Not only that, Toyota is apparently planning a whole line up of Prius-branded cars… everything from the compact you see above to minivans and crossovers.

According to the Detroit News, Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales USA, said that the company is currently working on a way to leverage the Prius name adding, “The strategy is still taking shape, and obviously it will require additional models to qualify as a family. Among others, the FT-CH is a concept that we are considering.”

Bonus: Check out this peppy video rendering of what the FT-CH might look like in action and peruse the gallery below. The song in the video is bouncy. If you read the writing on the buildings in the video, it seems Toyota is targeting the “skinny jeans-bicycle-jewelry-coffee-book” crowd, whatever that all means.

Sources: Detroit News, Green Car Congress, AutoBlogGreen, Toyota, and about 30 million more.

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