GM Vice Chair Says Cadillac Converj is a Go


At a pre-Detroit Auto Show industry dinner last night, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz announced that GM has definitely green-lighted the virally popular Cadillac Converj EREV. The car, which is based on Volt technology, made its debut as a concept car at last year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Over the last year there has been much speculation about whether or not the Converj would see the light of day. For the most part, reaction to the Converj concept has been nothing but positive. Indeed, for a plug-in vehicle, it is one sexy beast. And a high-end, near-luxury EREV under GM’s belt only makes sense—if a customer is already willing to shell out the extra bucks for the lux, why not shell out a few more for the green?

Lutz indicated that the development of the car is starting now and will take a couple of years to reach consumers. No clue yet as to what changes might be in store for the styling as the car moves from concept to reality—we all know how much the Volt changed in that same process. But this is good news for those of you who have been dreaming of owning one.

Source: Detroit News

Nick Chambers

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