Ford Sweeps Detroit Auto Show Awards

Rack another one up for the Blue Oval.


After ending 2009 on a high note, and with their hybrid sales up 147% from the year before, the Blue Oval started 2010 off with a bang. Today, at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, the Ford Fusion Hybrid was gifted with the Car of the Year award, and the Transit Connect, Ford’s new compact transport van walked away with Truck of the Year honors.

Ford beat out Chevy, Volkswagen, and Subaru to take home the awards. And why not? This is the strongest lineup Ford has had since the original Taurus debuted, and it only gets better from here.

In the 17 year history of these awards, this is only the third time a single manufacturer has taken home both titles. The last time was in 2006, when Honda picked up both awards for the Civic and Ridgeline. In total, Ford has taken Car of the Year nine times, and the Truck of the Year 11 times. But they should make some room on their mantel, because the next few years are busy for the Blue Oval.

For one, they are introducing nine new or reworked engines in 2010, several of which will no doubt be of the EcoBoost variety. Ford also lifted the veil on the 2012 Focus that goes on sale next year… and it is a sharp car. The 155 horsepower 2.0 liter engine will get somewhere in the area of 40 MPG, and is based on the same architecture as the EcoBoost, meaning it won’t take much to fit one of the twin-turbo four pots in there.

Both Fords won the awards by a good margin. The Transit Connect got 213 points, beating the Chevy Equinox which garnered 183 and the Outback which scored a piddling 94 points. The Fusion Hybrid did even better, winning a total of 241 points to the VW Golf’s 146 points Buick Lacrosse’s 103 points. Things are looking up for the Blue Oval. Look out world.

Source: The Detroit News | Images: Ford

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