Meyers Motors Sets Up Unique Pre-Order Pricing Scheme for Electric Cars


A major obstacle standing in the way of many electric car start-ups is volume. Making money on cars is difficult, all the more so when you’re appealing to a niche market (for now). You’ve got to convince people to place pre-orders for cars they can’t even test drive too, not exactly an easy sell. That just means electric car dealers have to get creative.

Meyers Motors is offering a unique approach to pricing their two-seat electric car, the DUO. For every 200 pre-orders they get, they’ll knock $1,000 off of the MSRP of $29,995, all the way down to their goal of $24,995…and that is before any federal or local tax credits.

Meyers unveiled the three-wheel DUO back in September, and will be accepting pre-orders through June 5th of 2010. You can reserve a duo for as little as $250, and the deposit is 100% refundable for any reason, and after June 5th Meyers Motors will set final pricing.

The little DUO is based on the NMG single seater electric car (which itself is based on the Sparrow) and is 100% electric. Meyers plans to offer three battery packs of varying ranges. The standard model (the one that could be priced as low as $22,495 after federal tax incentives) comes with a 60 mile pack, which would cover most commutes. For an additional $2,500 you can get the 80 mile pack, and $5,000 gets you the 100 mile pack. The DUO can be charged in six hours, or three hours out of a 220 volt outlet. The NMG can go as fast as 76 MPH, so the DUO should also be capable of reaching highway speeds, making it a very good commuter.

As a three wheeler, the DUO is technically classified as a motorcycle, but comes with body restraints and a composite body, and meets all motorcycle safety standards (and doesn’t require a motorcycle license in most states). It’s a neat and practical vehicle, though I’m not a fan of the hoodscoop/headlight. Still, Meyers Motors should have no problem getting 1,000 pre-orders by June of next year.

Source: Meyers Motors

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