Mercedes and Renault Working on New Small Car Platform


According to a report from Autocar UK, Renault and Mercedes are teaming up to design a new, modular small car platform that will form the basis for a new Smart Car, a new Renault City car and the upcoming Renault Twizy EV. In addition, the two companies are jointly developing new engine platforms to power these vehicles—well, the gas versions anyway.

Reportedly the platform is designed for a rear-engined, rear-drive set up and is already under development. The first car to see it put into use will be the 2013 Smart ForTwo and it will be extended to the Smart ForFour in 2014.

For the new engines, Mercedes will initially provide Renault with both gas and diesel stop-start 3-bangers, but the two companies will eventually jointly design and build a new line of fuel-efficient small car engines for future models based on the new platform.

Apparently both companies are planning on introducing both hybrid and fully electric versions of their new platform, including the Renault Twizy.


Image Credit: Renault

Nick Chambers

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