Prius Sales Could Soon Outpace Camry, Says President of Toyota U.S.A.


Just how popular is the Prius? If you ask Jim Lentz, President of Toyota’s U.S. arm, it is so popular that it could soon sell even more units than Toyota’s perennial best seller, the Camry. Are hybrid cars really that popular?

To date, Toyota has sold two Camrys for every one Prius, but with over a million of the peppy little hybrids sold, and sales growing stronger every year, the Prius may soon join the Camry on the podium of top sellers.

In an interview with Wards Auto, Lentz says “I think long-term, Prius as a nameplate could even outsell Camry as a nameplate, into this next decade.” And that could be the case. To date, Toyota has sold over 294,000 Camrys and 118,000 Priuses. Lentz also doubts that the Camry will lose sales, only that the Prius will gain sales… which doesn’t seem as likely, given the nature of the auto sales beast. Toyota is currently jockeying for position as the world’s number one automaker though, and Cash for Clunkers definitely gave a boost to the hybrid’s sales.

It should be noted though that the two most popular selling vehicles remain the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado pickup truck. The first automaker who can figure out a viable hybrid version of that will probably go on to rule the world… or something. Toyota seems to have a number of different Prius models in the works though, which may also contribute to Lentz’s thinking. We will see soon enough.

Source: Wards Auto

Christopher DeMorro

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