Brammo Cuts Price On Enertia Electric Motorcycle By 33%


One hangup for a lot of folks unsure of electric drivetrains is the cost. Most electric cars are out of the price range a majority of the population can afford, at least right now. Costs will go down as the technology spreads.

Brammo is getting a head start though, dropping the sales price of their Enertia Electric Motorcycle from $11,995 to $7,995, a 33% cut in price on a motorcycle that has only just hit the scene.

The Brammo is pretty cool for what it is: 42 mile range, 60 mph top speed, and instantaneous torque. Plus, it’s all electric. Fellow Gas 2.0 writer Susanna Schick even had a chance to test drive one around a Best Buy Parking lot.

But $11,995 is a lot of scratch. $7,995, on the other hand, makes it pretty competitively priced against a lot of other motorcycles. According to the Brammo press release byline, the cut is a “direct result of engineering advances.” They don’t specify what exactly those advances are, but if they plan on selling these en masse, the lower price will go a long way towards making that happen.

Apply a 10% federal tax credit and the price comes down even further to $7,195, and if your state has further incentives the price could come down even more. With a competitive price and impressive electric performance, the Enertia may end up being a very important vanguard for the electric vehicle movement by making mass appeal even easier.

Source: Brammo

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