Sporty Volt SS Possible, Cadillac Converj Gets Green Light


In recent years, GM stuck the SS badge on more cars than it didn’t. For a long time the Super Sport moniker meant something, but sticking it on a turbocharged HHR delivery wagon did nothing to improve the General’s image. In a bit of an acknowledgment that maybe they went too far with the SS badge, GM has dumped many of these mistakes recently; currently the only vehicle with an SS badge is the Camaro.

So what does any of this have to do with Gas 2.0? GM’s vice-chairman, Bob Lutz, did not rule out the possibility of a Volt SS. Furthermore, the rumor mill is reporting that GM has given the green light to the Volt-based Cadillac Converj, a concept car that debuted earlier this year.

This report comes from, of all places, Fox News. But when Bob was directly asked about a possible Volt SS, he said “I would not discount that possibility.” As I’ve said over and over again, electric cars hold a lot of possibility when it comes to performance, delivering instantaneous torque off the line. The Volt is said to reach 60 MPH from a stop in around 9 seconds. Not exactly record breaking, but the Prius takes about ten seconds to make the 0-60 sprint.

The Volt certainly looks sporty for a plug-in electric car. Give it a few years to mature, and an SS model might start to make more sense. Since GM doesn’t plan to have a Volt brand, but still wants to spread the Voltec technology around, Lutz might be referring to the Cadillac Converj, which will probably be heading into production shortly after the Volt.

The Converj just makes sense. As Fisker and Tesla are showing, there is an affluent market interested in electric vehicles. Rebadging the Volt as an even sleeker Cadillac would make it upmarket. Right now GM’s greatest enemy is cost. For the Volt to succeed, it needs to be a affordable. Before tax breaks, the Volt will be around $40,000 and GM will still have a hard time making money on it (they have supposedly sunk over $1 billion into developing the Volt thus far).

Cadillacs cost a lot more so GM could just load down the Converj with luxury features (leather, 30-way power driver seat, 800 speakers, etc., etc.) and make a lot more money. Plus, it just looks sharp.

Cadillac Converj or Chevy Volt SS? What do you guys think? Is there a market for these cars?

Source: GM-Volt | Images: GM

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