Video Shows How Coskata’s Next-Gen Flex Ethanol is Made


On the heels of the opening of Coskata’s first flex ethanol facility capable of making ethanol from virtually any organic material, GM and Coskata have released a video (below) detailing the Coskata process. Unlike most promotional/informational videos that get dumped on the public, this one is actually rather informative.

In the new commercial scale test plant, Coskata—which has received substantial investment from GM—can use any feedstock with carbon in it to make ethanol. This flexibility means that they are not slaves to the market fluctuations of one particular feedstock such as those found in the corn ethanol arena. It also means that they can skirt around the food versus fuel issues and instead use things such as wood chips, much of the garbage that gets tossed into landfills every day, grass crops, and agricultural waste.

Gas 2.0’s Chris Demorro was at the recent unveiling of the flex ethanol plant in Pennsylvania and came back with a detailed recap of the event. Among the next generation biofuel plants now opening or under construction, Coskata’s is one of the most promising—right up there with Ever Cat Fuels McGyan process.

Source: GM Fastlane

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