Dell Builds Solar Trees For Parking Lot


Computer technology is always about being one step ahead of competitors. Information technology moves faster than light it seems, and by the time your new computer arrives at your doorstep, it is already out of date. Dell, whose computers can be found in most offices, homes, and campuses across the country, has been doing its best to stay ahead of the curve.

Proving it is both environmentally friendly and hip to the trends of popular culture, Dell has just finished installing a grove of solar trees at its Corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

These “trees” in the very sunny state of Texas provide up to 131,000 kWh of energy on an annual basis. The grove is made from 516 individual solar panels from Envision Solar, and also includes two “CleanCharge” stations to power electric cars. As an added bonus, the grove provides shade from the Texas heat for about 50 vehicles, requiring less of the “hot sun dance” we all play when our car has been left out in the sun too long. That means less air conditioning to suck up fuel too.

Depending on where you live, solar trees might become more and more popular in sunny places. It makes sense in a lot of ways, as parking lots are mostly just open space that could easily be planted with more solar trees that save the environment and money. Dell estimates that its energy saving initiatives have saved them $5.8 million annually. That is a decent chunk of green to be sure.

Source: JetsonGreen | Picture: McBride Oxblue Camera

Christopher DeMorro

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