Subaru Planning to Introduce a Hybrid in 2012

Subaru’s AWD Hybrid Concept Car


Based on comments made at the Tokyo Motor Show by Ikuo Mori, president of Fuji Heavy Industries (the company that makes Subarus), Subaru is well on their way to releasing their first gasoline-electric hybrid in 2012.

Mori was less than specific with details, saying only that the vehicle will be a version of one of Subaru’s existing cars and will display typical Subaru driving characteristics—whether this includes all-wheel drive or not remains to be seen.

Although it’s not clear which car the hybrid will be based on, Subaru is showing an AWD hybrid touring concept car with two motors on each axle. If that car is any indication of what segment Subaru is targeting for hybrid sales, we will likely see an Outback Hybrid in the future.

I’m imagining that with the new fuel economy rules just announced by the US government, adding a hybrid to Subaru’s fleet was probably the easiest way to meet them.

Source: Automotive News (subs. req’d)

Image Credit: Subaru

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