Coskata Unveils Next Gen Flex-Ethanol Facility In Pennsylvania


Today, Coskata Inc. unveiled their semi-commercial flex ethanol factory in Madison, PA. This factory will serve as the first commercially viable flex ethanol factory, which produces ethanol from a variety of feedstocks other than just grain—which is an important step to satisfy food vs. fuel issues and start moving past ethanol from corn.

According to Coskata, their process uses less than half the water needed to make a gallon of gas, while producing seven times the energy of the fossil fuel used in the process.

The semi-commercial facility can make ethanol from many different organic feedstocks other than just grain, including wood biomass, agricultural waste, construction waste, and recycling waste. This flexibility allows Coskata to site these types of facilities just about anywhere a viable fuel feedstock can be produced or delivered.

The new plant uses the Westinghouse Plasma Gasification process on the front end, and Coskata’s syngas-to-biofuel conversion process on the other end—combining each company’s technology to provide a viable, flexible fuel source. The Madison, PA, facility is minimum-engineered and can be scaled up to a facility that will one day produce 50 to 100 million gallons of flex ethanol in the future.

I’ve been invited to take a tour of the facility today (after an epic 8-hour car ride, more on that later) to give you an inside look at the flex ethanol process. Turn the page to check out the full press release from Coskata.

Read more about the Coskata process here.

Source: Coskata

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