Tommy Kaira Tuned Prius: Nothing Says “Eco-friendly” Like Four Tailpipe Tips


This one really made me giggle.

Tuning powerhouse Tommy Kaira has given the third generation Toyota Prius an aggressive makeover that is purely cosmetic.

To be honest, I’m no fan of the Prius—that hip-to-be-hybrid car that has dominated the US and Japanese hybrid markets for a decade now. But even I believe it deserves a better fate than this. Tommy Kaira gave the prius an aggressive front air dam, lower front lip (which may inadvertendly provide less drag and thus better MPG), larger rims, and a ride hieght so low you’ll need a forklift to get over speedbumps. The extra weight from these add-ons also probably hurts the fuel economy more than Toyota’s wind-tunnel tested look.

But really Tommy, four exhaust tips? What were you thinking? You can hardly notice the exhaust pipe on a stock Prius, and I doubt anyone driving a Prius wants to broadcast their emissions by quadrupling their tailpipes. There are no mechanical tweaks to either the engine or hybrid system so it is just… silly. But someone, somewhere, will buy it [ed. note: probably lots of people!]. Of this much I am sure.

Source: CNET | Pictures: Tommy Kaira

Christopher DeMorro

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