Video Highlights Battery Tech of Upcoming Nissan LEAF Electric Car


In preparation for the steadily approaching launch of their first mass-market electric car—the LEAF—Nissan has produced a series of videos highlighting different aspects of their approach to developing electric car technology.

Check out the initial video in the series below. From the first lithium ion battery-powered production EV in the world—the Nissan Altra—to the recent opening of Nissan’s state of the art battery production plant in Smyrna, TN, the video takes a look at the evolution of Nissan’s battery technology.

Although it’s mostly filled with info we already knew, I like that Nissan is putting so much effort into marketing. It’s clear that to Nissan the EV isn’t just a way to tout their “green cred” to a certain target demographic. They’ve invested themselves completely into this endeavor and I’m loving every minute of it.

Source and Image Credit: Nissan

Nick Chambers

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