Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Gullwing Subaru Hybrid


You can take pretty much any car, add gullwings, and it is instantly cool. Or not. But I’d have to catagorize this upcoming Subaru hybrid concept car as pretty cool, something I don’t often do with Subarus. I mean just look at those doors!

Whether or not Subaru ever makes this odd two-motor hybrid or it remains as another sidelined concept, who knows. But they’ve got some good ideas, and gullwing doors. Yeah, I’m really a fan of the doors.

Powered by a horizontally opposed 2.0 liter turbocharged engine (think of the engine as shaped like an H), the Subaru Tourer comes with a lithium-ion battery and a second engine in the rear of the car. Yes, two engines. The main powertrain is located under the hood and used for acceleration and high speed, while the other motor propels the car from start-up and low speeds, like city traffic.

It is a neat idea, though how well it works we don’t know because there is no fuel economy for the concept… yet. As with many concepts, the Tourer gets some other nifty, if confounding, technologies like a dashboard that moves up and down (why…?), and a windshield the reduces driver eye strain—however that works.

However, even as somebody who doesn’t buy into the hybrid hype, I could totally see myself in this car. Its got a turbocharger and gullwing doors. I really can’t get over the doors. They probably aren’t practical, I mean, imagine trying to get into or out of a tight parking spot or get out of the car in a rollover accident. Ain’t gonna happen. But still, a guy can dream.

Source: Subaru

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