Update: Breakthrough Biodiesel Process Now Running At Commercial Scale


Just about this time last year I reported on the very promising and innovative Mcgyan® biodiesel process. It was one of the most popular stories gas 2.0 ran that year, and rightly so: the breakthrough seemed to deliver the possibility of making biodiesel in mere seconds from start to finish, reducing costs by half the price of other biodiesel, producing no waste, using no chemical reactants, and using any animal fat or vegetable oil as a feedstock.

At the time the company in charge of the project, Ever Cat fuels, had only succeeded at making a small-scale pilot operation of 50,000 gallons per year. But, as of 2 days ago, the process has been completely commercialized.

Ever Cat opened the doors to it’s new biodiesel facility in rural Isanti, MN on September 28, 2009. The plant currently employs 20 people, and is capable of delivering 3 million gallons of biodiesel a year (MGY). Ever Cat has set its eyes firmly on increasing that capacity to 33 MGY within the next 3 years.

Rather than producing the biodiesel in large batches, as is the norm for the industry, the Mcgyan® process allows for continuous production of a “stream” of biodiesel.

“The Mcgyan® process uses no water, no chemicals, produces no waste products and the conversion takes just seconds in two reactors that are only 6 feet tall by 6 inches in diameter,” explained Chief Science Officer, Dr. Clayton McNeff in a statement. “The two reactors continuously catalyze more than a trillion‐trillion reactions per second. The process is modular and can be scaled from the farm scale to the refinery scale. We believe this is a major step towards energy independence in the United States. The use of low cost waste oils vastly improves the economics of biodiesel production and makes good use of these low value commodities.”

When the plant reaches full capacity in less than a week, it will be producing 10,000 gallons per day—more than a truckload.

It’s beyond me that this hasn’t gotten more attention. But as with all things biofuel these days, the share of the limelight seems to be slim-to-none.

For more detailed info on the Mcgyan® process, read my previous post on the subject.

Source: Biofuels Digest

Image Credit: Ever Cat Fuels

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