Report: France Wants 2 Million Electric Cars On Its Roads By 2020


French energy minister Jean-Louis Borloo will announce a plan on Thursday for the country to invest 1 billion Euros ($1.46 billion US) in the infrastructure needed to encourage the adoption of electric cars. That investment will buy 4.4 million charging stations, upgrade the power grid, purchase a government fleet of electric cars, and provide subsidies to EV buyers and auto manufacturers.

France hopes that this amount of investment will be enough to get 2 million electric cars on its roads within 10 years.

The announcement follows on the heals of what can only be called the electric car lovefest that was the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany a couple of weeks ago. It appears that Europe is set to fervently adopt the electric car and never look back.

In fact, Renault and Peugeot-Citroen, two of the most prominent French auto makers, have recently announced big plans to bring EVs to the market quickly. While the Peugeot EV was essentially a rebranded Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Renault went the other direction and came out with a whole lineup of electric cars.

The prudent Americans among us might say they are glad that Europe is testing the electric car thing out so that the US doesn’t have to invest so much and can watch the electric car either flourish or fail without worrying we’ve chosen poorly. But I say that America should follow suit.

Source: Reuters

Image Credit: Peugeot

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