Report: Nissan Expects 20,000 Pre-Orders for LEAF Electric Car

Nissan Leaf


At a breakfast meeting for Nashville business executives, Carlos Tavares, Chairman of Nissan America, said he fully expects the company to have 20,000 reservations for the Nissan LEAF by the time the car goes on sale late next year.

This is a bold proclamation, but it’s of little surprise coming from a company that has single-handedly invented the play book for EV marketing over the last year and seems to be embracing the unconventional with everything from forest-scented air conditioning, to futuristic Jetson’s sounds coming from it’s EVs, to iPhone controlled EV charging. To be honest, if any company could pull it off at this point, my bet would be on Nissan.

Nissan has invested heavily in relationships with governments and utilities in key markets including Nashville—home to the company’s North American sales and marketing headquarters—Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, The Bay Area, and the entire state of Oregon.

The company has also committed $2 billion for revamping its Smyrna, Tennessee, manufacturing facility to produce up to 150,000 LEAFs and 200,000 batteries each year.

Source: Automotive News (subs req’d)

Image Credit: Nissan

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