Buckeye Bullet 2 Fuel Cell Racer Breaks 300 MPH


A student engineering team from Ohio State University broke into the 300 mph club yesterday with their hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. The Buckeye Bullet 2 averaged 300.992 MPH yesterday in the flying kilometer, with a top recorded speed of 304 MPH.

The original Buckeye Bullet was the first electric vehicle to break the 300 MPH barrier, and the Buckeye Bullet 2 continues that legacy, in hydrogen form. This vehicle differs from Jesse Jame’s hydrogen fuel streamliner in that it actually went the whole distance at a sanctioned event, and the power comes from a custom 700 horse electric engine fed by hydrogen fuel cells. Jesse Jame’s vehicle was a big-block Chevy fueled by actual hydrogen.

The record run was set at the Bonneville Salt Flats yesterday, though it has not yet been officially confirmed. The front-wheel drive Buckeye Bullet 2 now holds the FIA record for the first hydrogen vehicle to break 300 MPH, and the fastest recorded speed for an electric drive vehicle. How come I never got to do cool things like this in college? I just had a lot of friggin’ homework…

Kudos to the Buckeyes though, this is quite an achievement, one that will hopefully be made “officially official” in the coming days.

Source: Buckeye Bullet Blog

Christopher DeMorro

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