Another Eco-Supercar: The Steenstra Styletto


Alternative-fuel supercars really seem to be picking up steam. Hybrid Lamborghinis? Electric Gullwings? All very cool stuff, but the field is quickly becoming crowded by competitors to the eco-supercar crown. A new California-based company called Steenstra GCM has announced the Styletto, “the first 200-mph-plus super sports car to be built in California” according to the press release.

The Styletto will be an electric vehicle, if it’s ever made. Right now Cornelis Steenstra, an industry consultant, is on the look out for financial backing to build the Styletto. Streenstra wants to offer a high-performance super car with both comfort, slippery aerodynamics, and gullwing doors. Right now, all we have is a rendering, but Steenstra has hopes to unveil the car at the 2010 Pebble Beach Concour’s de Elegance, and offer it for sale by 2013.

“Purple” means battery…I think.

Choice is never a bad thing. But will we ever see the Styletto, or will it remain a pipe dream? Turn the page to read the press release and decide for yourselves.

Source: Autoblog

Christopher DeMorro

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