Yokohama’s Green Tire Technology is Orange

Yokohama tire-equipped MINI Cooper


Yokohama is introducing the dB Super E-spec tire, with an improved liner and a compound that uses orange oil and natural rubber to cut petroleum significantly in the manufacturing process.

On the inside, an advanced inner liner is thinner, lighter, and provides better air retention.

On the outside, the new Super Nano-Power Rubber compound blends natural rubber with oil squeezed from waste material from the Japanese orange juice industry to create a tire with a split personality. In straight, steady driving, the compound generates less heat, for a lower rolling resistance, while in active driving—cornering and braking—the material softens for better adhesion to the road surface.

Promoted especially to hybrid and compact car owners, who are most likely to embrace the technology, the dB Super E-specs are available in popular R15 and R16 sizes in 5.5 and 6.0 inch widths. Yokohama plans to introduce other sizes later.

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Prices are slightly higher than for conventional tires, in the $90 to $100 range. However, with a 40-45,000-mile tire life, savings from the lighter tire weight and lower rolling resistance could add up significantly.

According to Fred Koplin, Director Yokohama Marketing Communications, Yokohama is a leader in environmental innovation, with zero-emission factories in Japan.

“The dB Super E-spec is two pieces of tomorrow’s technology in a tire you can buy today,” he says.

Source and Image Credit: Yokohama