1967 Mercury Cougar With Mercedes Turbodiesel Engine Runs on Biodiesel


This is actually old news that recently resurfaced, and as a lifelong Cougar aficionado I can’t pass it up. In actuality, the Mercury Cougar was a refined, “gentleman’s muscle car” based on the 1st generation Mustang. It came standard with a number of gas-guzzling V8 motors including the epic “Boss” 302.

But the pristine-looking 1967 Cougar pictured here has done away with those gas hogs in favor of a Mercedes turbodiesel motor that runs on, you guessed it, biodiesel.

Personally, I’m a big proponent of biodiesel. I just love torque that much. 80’s Mercedes motors are at the heart of the biodiesel conversion movement and are renowned the world over for their legendary reliability. This Cougar has been modified to accept the straight-six cylinder OM617 motor and 4-speed transmission from Mercedes. The result is 35 MPG at 55 MPH. Plus this motor makes about as much real torque as the stock 289 motor that was originally fitted to most Cougars.

True these diesel motors are not known for their performance capabilities, but this is a hot rod any hippy could be proud of. Plus, most of those old V8’s were overrated for horsepower (based on gross, rather than net horsepower). It makes me consider alternative fuel engines for my own 1969 Cougar, which happens to have an even bigger engine bay (to accept those lovely big block motors). A Powerstroke diesel converted to WVO? Dream on, those motors are huge.

Plus this Cougar has been correctly restored (sans the engine) and is even on sale. If I had the $8,500 asking price though, I’d go ahead and finally finish my own project after five years. So tell me folks, what kind of cool alt-fuel muscle car projects would you like to see?

Source: Jalopnik

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