150 MPG “Algaeus” Plug-In Prius To Cruise Coast-to-Coast On Algae Fuel

In an effort to drum up attention and support for their algae-based biofuel, Sapphire Energy has announced they will conduct a coast-to-coast journey in their “Algaeus” plug-in hybrid. Part electric hybrid, part biofuel vehicle, Sapphire claimes the Algaeus will get 150 miles per gallon from its hybrid/biofuel drivetrain.

The Algaeus will visit 10 cities, starting in San Francisco on September 8th and ending in New York City on the 18th.

As far as we know, this will be the first street-ready and legal algae-fueled vehicle to compete a trans-continental journey. The engine itself has not been modified in anyway, but an additional battery pack and advanced energy-management system have been added to increase the mileage.

The high-octane algae fuel is a drop-in replacement for gasoline. No engine modifications required. Using a mixture of hydrocarbons refined from “green crude”, this is a low-emission, renewable fuel. The algae is “engineered” to meet certain driving dynamics, and grown in open ponds where it is then removed from the water in a 4-15 day process. The resulting oil can be used in any petrol-powered vehicle.

The list of cities the Algaeus will visit:

  • San Fancisco, CA (September 8th)
  • Sacramento, CA (September 9th)
  • Salt Lake City, UT (September 10th)
  • Cheyenne, WY (September 11th)
  • Lincoln, NE (September 12th)
  • Chicago, IL (September 13th)
  • Detroit, MI (September 14th)
  • Cleveland, OH (September 15th)
  • Erie, PA (September 16th)
  • Washington DC (September 17th)
  • New York, NY (September 18th)

For more on Sapphire Energy check out their website.

Source: Biofuels Digest

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