Angry Green Girl’s Hybrid Bikini Carwash

I don’t know much about Sophia “the Angry Green Girl”, but this woman absolutely KNOWS how to get attention.  Case in point?  She’s hired a dozen bikini-clad LA models to wash any hybrid vehicle that happens by in the hopes of generating some press for her new website, under the banner of “Shamelessly exploiting everything I got to save our world.”

Angry Green Girl Bikini Carwash

Sophia launched her “Angry Green Girl” website last week, using the hybrid bikini carwash as a publicity stunt to launch her new website,  The site itself promises to be part news site, part social networking site, and part “consumer reports” with an ecologically responsible bent to the video episodes and blog entries.

That’s not the impressive thing, though – in less than a week since her site’s launch, her marketing efforts have produced tens of thousands of search results, and landed her site on such heavily-hitting news sources as auto “fashionista” site Jalopnik, AOL’s Autoblog, and more, including spots on NBC Los Angeles that got picked up on internet sites around the world.

I’ve included an interview from KTLA5 news in LA here, but it’s far from the only one.

She’s not breaking any new ground here, of course, but with her willingness to exploit her own good looks to drive home her ecologically-responsible message, could Sophia reach the sort of mainstream audiences that need to be reached for real change to happen?

One thing we can be sure of: people love a good car wash.

Image Source: Matt Hardigree | Jalopnik; Video:  KTLA and

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