The Scorpion: Ronn Motor Company Hydrogen-Exotic


A big factor holding up the push for alternative-energy vehicles is cost. Bringing alt-fuel to the masses means making it easy and cheap to reproduce. But until then, one sure way to get around the cost factor is to appeal to people for whom money is no object. Ferarri and Lamborghini are now underway developing hybrid/alt-fuel cars of their own, and Tesla’s roadster costs north of $100k.

Another contender, in the works for years and with a road-worthy prototype now complete, hails from the Ronn Motor Company. Called the Scorpion, this hydrogen-injected supercar hopes to turn the exotic world on its head.

Using the ultra-efficient and powerful Acura 3.5 liter V6, the Scoripion aims to make 450-650 horsepower while claiming 40 miles per gallon, thanks to its H2GO hydrogen injection system. The system injects hydrogen into the fuel stream, boosting mileage by 20-30% and dropping carbon emissions drastically. Hydrogen injection systems have gotten a bad rap, but the Scorpion has been designed from the ground up to utilize the system. Lets see a Ferarri get 40 MPG!

Of course help comes from the love-it-or-hate-it carbon fiber body and twin-turbo Acura engine. Weighing in at just 2,200 lbs, the Scorpion is even lighter than most Miatas. 650 horsepower is also definitely a possibility, since hydrogen can boost petrol’s octane rating to 130, which is higher than many 1,000+ horsepower drag cars run. Yes, the Scorpion does still use gas, but when it does make it to market it will be the Prius of supercars, considering many of them sometimes manage only single-digit gas mileage.

Production is slated to begin in the fall, though a few outlets like AutoblogGreen have already gotten their hands on it. With a starting price of $175,000 and intial production limited to just 200 cars, this will be an exclusive club from the onset. The car certainly looks the part of a future-exotic though; I can almost imagine this slipping through the background in a movie like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element…if it floated that is.

Source: Ronn Motor Company

Photo: Brian Fitzsimmons


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