Magenn Wind Power; Turbine In The Sky


Wind power is a great, effective way to make energy, but only when the wind blows. Or if you can find the open space to plant large wind farms that tear apart birds, bats, and low-flying hot air balloons. There are also many people who would hate to live in the shadow of one of these wind farms. But what if the turbines were 1,000 feet in the air?

This is the idea behind a conceptual wind turbine in the sky built by Magenn Power Inc. Called the MARS (Magenn Air Rotor System), this system utilizes an inflatible rotor that floats high above the air without requiring a tower, just a tether.

The horizontally-rotating turbine uses large scoops that rotate around an axis, with generators on either end that send power back to earth via a tether. Because it is a giant balloon with generators attached, it is easily transportable, fixable, and could even be placed on the tops of builds in skies. That high up, it also won’t interfere with birds, bats, and other airbornce creatures, but it is low enough that most planes and helicopters won’t be bothered either. Plus, air speed is more consistent at higher atltitudes, and the MARS system works up to 67 mph winds.

The MARS system is only in prototype stages currently but is making promising steps towards becoming a reality. Personally, I love nature, and I would put up a big stink about living near a wind turbine farm, even if I got all the power I wanted for free. But I very rarely find myself staring at the sky, and a tether is a lot less conspicuous than a tower.

It is a great idea, but does it work? That is yet to be proven. But transportable, easily obscured wind farms in the sky seem like a much better idea than miles upon miles of obtrusive turbines. It also requires a lot less infrastructure; no power plants, just winches, transformers, and power lines. Do you guys think this idea has merit, or is just power pie-in-the-sky?

Source: Magenn Power Inc.

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