GM to Sell Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car By 2012


General Motors has revealed that it is still on-track to bring a hydrogen fuel-cell car to market, within the next three years.

Industry insiders had speculated that the imminent retirement of existing boss Larry Burns would lead to the fuel-cell program being mothballed, but according to new R&D chief Alan Taub, GM will continue with its development of the technology.

“Technology leadership is one of the pillars of the company,” said Taub. “That is going to remain, and it will probably be emphasised as part of the brand of GM.”

The decision to forge ahead will come as a surprise to many who predicted that the troubled car-giant would ditch its fuel-cell plans in the face of continued indifference from the Obama administration, which is not believed to be a supporter of the technology due to the massive costs of establishing a refuelling infrastructure.

According to Taub, GM still needs to reduce the cost of fuel-cells by almost a third to make them competitive with the firm’s forthcoming Chevrolet Volt’s gasoline-electric powertrain.

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.