Go Fast, Go Green; 500 HP E-85 Powered Quad

For some reason, gearheads and greenies (that is how I refer to you, deal) don’t really seem to get along. There is this huge gap between people who like to go fast and people who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. I admit, many vehicles with speed as a primary concern are far from eco-friendly, but more so than ever, individuals are modifying their own cars for their own purposes. Whether that is going fast, or going green, turning a wrench is still turning a wrench.

That is why I love this little luxury item (which incidentally costs more than my house). A 500 horsepower super-quad equipped with BMW’s V12 engine that runs only E-85 fuel.

Now the debate about bio-ethanol can rage back and forth ad nauseum. I’ve heard good things, I’ve heard terrible things. The only fact I am sure of is that E-85 provides a higher octane rating than regular petrols. All good gearheads know higher octane means higher compression, which means MORE POWER!

Ahem. Excuse me.

This quad, built by Lazareth Wazuma, is focused around BMW’s infamous V12 engine. It puts the Dodge Thomahawk (a Dodge Viper V10-powered bike) to shame. The narrow rear track is used to keep this high-powered toy on the ground. Alas, anything using a BMW engine is bound to be expensive, and this quad runs a price tag high enough to afford a Ferarri. $283,000. Wow. Not exactly chump change. But is it worth a 500 horsepower bio-fuel quad? Eh…not for me.

But it does bridge a gap between going green and going fast. It drums up interest for alternative fuels. We need more projects like this that are more affordable, and highlight the potential in alternative energy. The Green Revolution needs to happen organically; you can’t just force it down peoples throats. While I doubt this quad will cause many converts, I still see green power as the future of going fast.

Source: Ecofriend

Christopher DeMorro

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