Want a Plug-in Hybrid Now? Luscious Garage in San Francisco is Your New Best Friend

Why specialize in hybrids?

“We are living unsustainably,” says Carolyn. “On one hand, we need to drive, but driving is bad for the environment. We need to make wise choices.”

Although the Prius is highly efficient, it is still gas-dependent. Luscious Garage can install a kit from Plug-In Conversions Corporation that gives your Prius a 25-mile electric-only range at up to 70 miles per hour.

“Eighty percent of daily trips are less than 40 miles, so you could end up running on only electricity,” says Carolyn. “If you run out, the car switches over to gasoline and functions just like it did before the conversion,” she adds. A recharge at 110 volts takes about six hours, or two hours at 220.

The $13,500 conversion price may seem expensive, but it can pay off in significantly lower fuel costs, not to mention peace of mind.

“Take a used 2004-2009 Prius—maybe your own—and add the kit,” says Carolyn. “For less than $30,000 you’ll have a car that’s better than the new 2010 Prius.”

She has successfully converted about 30 Priuses to PHEVs so far.

“Priuses are extremely safe and reliable and require little regular maintenance,” says Carolyn.

Hybrid owners tend to be aware of what their cars do and how they impact the environment. They expect and appreciate the kind of personal, informative, environmentally sensitive service they get at Luscious Garage.

“It’s really about being mindful,” says Carolyn. “We see ourselves not as a green business, but as one that’s ‘less brown.’ If all auto shops did what we do it would have a huge impact.”

For more information on converting your own car or a buying a plug-in conversion through group discounts, you can join this email list for electric cars.