EEStor CEO: ZENN Will Get Ultracapacitors by End of Year


In a somewhat suspect interview that was posted to the web and then subsequently removed (but not before being turned into a transcript), Dick Weir — the clandestine CEO of the even more secretive EEStor — was caught on tape in a 30 minute interview covering many topics that fervent followers of the company have been curious about for a long time.

Chief among Weir’s statements:

  • ZENN Motors, the car company with exclusive rights to the EEStor ultracapacitor technology, will get preproduction models of the Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESUs) by the end of the year. Weir goes on to say that once he does that, “all hell is going to break loose for ZENN as well as EEStor.”
  • Kleiner Perkins, the venture capital firm who originally invested in EEStor but then started backing away from their relationship almost immediately, apparently owns 20 some percent of the company.

Tyler Hamilton over at Clean Break — who’s spoken with Dick Weir many times — swears that the voice he heard in the interview is indeed that of Mr. Weir and not that of some staged impersonator.

This whole EEStor thing keeps getting weirder and thicker. Part of me just wants them to put up or shut up, but I can’t help routing for them and hoping that the technology is real. I guess we’ll have our answer this year.

Source: Earth2Tech

Nick Chambers

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